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Hardgainer Project X Review

Ready to get “pumped”?

I’m serious. If you are a frustrated “skinny guy” who has failed to build meaningful muscle mass despite trying all the latest training, dieting, and nutritional fads…

And realized that the health and fitness “establishment” only care about how fast they can burn through your wallet…

Then, read on, because…

Jeff Anderson’s Hardgainer Project X: The Ultimate “Skinny Guy” Guide to Building Muscle (HPX) might be the last chance to turn your dreams of bulging biceps, muscular pectorals, and “killer” six-packs into reality.

Taking the Muscle-Building Route Least Traveled...

A fixture on the muscle-building scene after a ten-year military career, Jeff Anderson a.k.a. “The Muscle Nerd” is recognized as an “against the grain” bodybuilding coach who (excuse my French) butts heads with other weight trainers and the nutritional supplement business in his quest to empower the “Average Joe”.

Most people with Jeff’s background would have opted for a “corporate” training career, writing up creampuff programs for people willing to pay big bucks to have their egos massaged...

Instead, this former U.S. Army combat trainer, light infantry leader, Master Fitness Trainer, and “Weight Control Specialist” offers his latest fitness and nutrition program for the most ignored and muscle-challenged demographic – “ectomorph” males (i.e. guys who are slim and linear, have small bones, long arms and a thin neck).

Why did he write this book? Simple, he is sick and tired of seeing sand being kicked in the face of “pencil-necked” geeks who keep trying to build muscle and fail every time.

Or so he claims…

“Level with me here, is HPX the real deal?”

Well, if nothing else, Jeff Anderson’s attention to detail is almost impeccable, as illustrated in HPX’s four distinct sections:
1. Hardgainer Personality & Genetics: Why you are a “hardgainer”, or in Jeff’s own words “7
Reasons Why Your Hardgainer Genetics Suck!”

2. Hardgainer Nutrition: the importance of insulin and a balanced caloric intake (protein, dietary fats, and carbohydrates) plays in gaining muscle mass.

3. Hardgainer Training: Strength training and low intensity cardio (neuromuscular activation and bridging; progressive load training; sub-failure training; carb cycling).

4. Hardgainer Supplements Secrets: 20-page primer on “Must Haves”, “Should Haves”, “Nice to Haves”. Ectomorphs are always told that weight training is beyond them. Jeff even starts Hardgainer Project X with some of the meanest forum posts that I’ve ever read in my life. Mind and body need to be in harmony, so he advises thin guys to:

  • Make a personal commitment to excellence.
  • Set attainable targets.
  • Track your results.
  • Scale up your weight training without fear to achieve your muscle-building goals.
  • Tell the forum a**holes to go [censored] themselves!

Want social proof and testimonials? Wait until you see the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures of Anderson’s six HPX “guinea pigs” (Age range 17 to 41) on the website. You will be amazed!

Underlying Jeff Anderson’s scientific reasoning and test conclusions is a simple fact: Everyone is unique. Hardgainers have been misled by training and nutrition advice that was never meant for them in the first place. The fix may have been in for skinny guys before, but not anymore.

You will really appreciate Jeff’s “A Word from the Nerd” pullouts. His “cartoonish” grin breaks the monotony of the heavier science, and his focus on the main points just presented helps you understand the material better. Jeff knows that it’s all about acting on what you learn, and getting results fast.

How cool is that?

Jeff Anderson’s training guide and program is geared towards ectomorph males. Just read the title! However, I would still criticize him for not acknowledging in some manner the mass gain difficulties of ectomorph females. I am sure that they too can benefit from HPX’s revelations, along with a female-centric training program to suit their needs. Perhaps in the next book?

Jeff goes through a sample HPX workout in the book itself, so that you have a real example to look at before you get started (note: Workout journal and exercise guide are among the free bonuses included in the package.).

Value for the Money?

The price of Jeff Anderson’s HPX is not out of line with other books in the Fitness and Training category. As for other e-books that cover material tailored for skinny males in this manner – give me a call when you find them, I want to know!

No self-respecting fitness specialist would risk his reputation with a shoddy product, but as always, I recommend you perform your due diligence before purchasing. And get a physical before you start working out. After all, it’s your body that we’re talking about here.

Hardgainer Project X Review: Final Verdict

Health and fitness can be touchy, personal issues. Certainly, North American culture is guilty of glorifying certain body images and physiques. However, nobody should be denied the opportunity to achieve their physical goals in a scientifically sound, ethically bulletproof manner.

I’m way past my college years (Oh well!) but who am I to ridicule skiny guys who just want to build some muscle mass – not become the next Arnold! Thanks to Jeff Anderson, it looks like the myth of genetically pre-determined skinniness is finally being put to rest.

Who is Hardgainer Project X for?hardgainer-project-x-cover

1. Surprise, surprise! Ectomorph males (“Skinny Guys”) who want to gain serious muscle mass, and are prepared to execute a full-scale fitness and training program in a business-like fashion.

2. Adult men and women who exhibit ectomorphic physical features, and need to better understand the difficulties of gaining and maintaining muscle mass.

3. Personal trainers who have significant ectomorph customer bases that aren’t getting results from their current training.

HardGainer Project X Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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