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Muscle Building Exercises That Work

Are you tired of lifting weights or running five miles per day and seeing little or no positive results?

If so, the problem is probably that you’re not using the right muscle building exercises. For example, if you’re working on bicep curls for a large portion of your workout routine, you’re wasting your time and energy. That’s energy that you could be spending doing muscle building exercises that really work.

The fastest way to pack on some muscle is by working as many muscle groups as possible at the same time. Instead of targeting just one muscle (like your biceps in this case) you could be working on multiple muscle groups that will both burn calories faster and help you attain that buff look that you’re after.

In this article I’m going to suggest some of the best muscle building exercises known to man.

Squat Your Way to Muscle Mass

Bar none, the squat is the best muscle building exercise. It works a lot of different muscle groups, including your butt, legs and back. It’s important that you remember to perform the squat properly during your routine because the squat can also lead to some nasty injuries if you’re not careful.

Bench Press

Tried and true, the bench press works your triceps muscles, biceps and chest. Every fitness club has some form of bench-press equipment and you can even buy a bench and some weights for your house. This muscle building exercise will have you gaining muscle in no time flat.

The Push Up

Can’t afford a bench-press or a gym membership?
Not a problem. You can use your own body weight to achieve much of the same results by doing a push-up. You won’t need any equipment, they’re easy to learn and you can do them almost anywhere.

Lunge Your Way to Success

Besides the squat, no other muscle building exercise targets your lower body as well as the lunge. You can do them without weights, or hold hand weights while performing a lunge to up the resistance level and build muscle faster.

Pull Ups

Pull-ups are another body weight exercise that many people don’t think about. All you need is a bar or beam to pull yourself up with. You can also buy a bar that fits within your door frame for a quick at-home workout.

You should notice that all of the muscle building exercises mentioned within this article target more than one muscle.
Why? Because that’s the way you build muscle fast!

Don’t waste your time or energy on slow muscle building exercises. Instead, maximize your time in the gym, and build muscle quicker and more easily by using the exercises mentioned in this article.

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