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Vince DelMonte’s No-Nonsense Muscle Building Review: Skinny Guy Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain...

“Hardgainer” muscle-building gone mainstream, you’ve got to be kidding! Get the "skinny" in this complete No-Nonsense Muscle Building Review...

Is Vince DelMonte’s No-Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain really for everyone – men and women, young and old, veteran gym rats and fitness novices alike?

Yes, says DelMonte, anyone – not just “hardgainers” – can finally pack on meaningful muscle mass and possess washboard abs if they complete his comprehensive (dare I say radical?) lifestyle overhaul.

Mr. DelMonte’s notoriety in cyberspace and fitness magazine circles convinced me to put the e-book to the test. To my surprise, I discovered concepts, techniques, and action steps that literally blow the lid off conventional muscle-building theory and common fitness practices.  If you are easily offended by new ideas, stop reading now and go back to whatever scheme you’ve been following. Otherwise, buckle your seatbelt – this is going to be one heck of a ride…

Who the !@#$ is Vince DelMonte?

A one-time distance runner and triathlete, Vince DelMonte is now a natural fitness model, freelance writer and consultant who manages personal trainers in a Hamilton, Ontario fitness center. In one year, Vince transformed himself from a 149-pound “Skinny Vinny” to a 208-pound ripped powerhouse...

Unwilling to keep his muscle-gaining achievements to himself, DelMonte put together a comprehensive package (e-book, website resources, bonuses, etc.) that debunks the myth of the hopeless hardgainer and empowers average people to break free of the money-sucking fitness and supplements establishment forever.

Or so he claims…

What makes No-Nonsense Muscle Building Different from Other Hardgainer Books?

DelMonte deserves credit for promoting a drug-free (i.e. steroid-free) muscle-building program with the requisite training schedules and exercises. Too often, regular folks like us are turned off by visions of “juiced” up bodybuilders shooting up to achieve their physiques. Performance-enhancing drugs have tainted many Olympic and professional sports worldwide, so it’s refreshing to have a certified trainer reaffirm our desire to overcome hardgainer hang-ups naturally.

Vince’s greatest contribution to the muscle-building debate may be his emphasis on what you do outside the gym, especially when it comes to nutrition. There are no shortcuts - eat properly, or forget it. Working out for hours may improve your strength and fitness level to some extent, but adding a systematic eating routine (quantity, quality, timing) as outlined in DelMonte’s book will ensure consistent – and massive – muscle gains.

He even offers 34 multi-flavored, protein shake recipes for the critical before, during, and after- workout phases of your training schedule. Right in the book itself.

How cool is that?

Don’t forget about sleep and lifestyle decisions as well. Make no mistake – training hard and eating all the right foods will be for naught if you party excessively and don’t get 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Sacrifices must be made…

Think about it – you only spend 1-2% of your time in the gym, so isn’t your recovery time (98% of the week) just as important?

No-Nonsense Muscle Building Areas
You Should Always Focus On...

Vince is adamant about having an integrated approach to muscle-building and strongly discourages “cherry-picking” within the e-book itself. That being said, there are sections of No-Nonsense Muscle Building that warrant special attention, and likely several re-reads to fully understand their impact on your fitness and training goals:

1. Optimizing Hormones for Muscle Growth (Chapter 5): Although he downplays the science of muscle-building to be more accessible to general readers, grasping the basics of hormonal growth is necessary for everyone.
2. Massive Eating and Nutrition (Chapter 7): Importance of appropriate caloric intake (protein, dietary fats, and carbohydrates) in gaining muscle mass.

3. Making Sense of Supplementation: Choose Them Wisely (Chapter 8). Vince cuts to the chase about the role of supplements in your diet and specific “junk” to avoid at all costs.

4. Injury Prevention (Chapter 9): Stretching and flexibility training is pooh-poohed by many fitness trainers, however DelMonte views them as essential for the intense, “progressive overload” training road you will embark on.
Any Criticisms, Drawbacks?

At 200+ pages, No-Nonsense Muscle Building pushes the limit on reasonable e-book length, especially for newcomers to personal fitness and health. Only fanatical exercise science devotees will complete it in one sitting. DelMonte acknowledges his use of redundancy to get important points across; however there were times when I felt some eye-catching graphics or rigorous proofreading would have broken the extra monotony.

That being said, he is very generous with his tables and research studies and correctly (in my opinion) uses the first two chapters to expose muscle-building myths and mistakes and set a positive tone.

Does No-Nonsense Muscle Building
Really Work and Generate Results?

Want social proof and testimonials? Vince DelMonte produces a wide range on his salesletter and “Success Stories” page. As a reviewer, I appreciate how he mixes expert testimonials with regular people who have the guts to share even partial No-Nonsense Muscle Building results with the world.

Getting More Muscle for Your Money?

For the price of a one-month gym membership (two months, if you’re lucky!), Vince DelMonte breaks opens the door to a world of exciting muscle-building possibilities. As shown in Chapter 10 (No-Nonsense Maximum Muscle Growth Program) he introduces:

  • A 4-8 week Upside-Down Training (UDT) Program to ensure your posture, muscle imbalances and individual muscle weaknesses are corrected before hitting the weights.
  • The Complete Beginner-Intermediate 29-Week Intensive Workout Program: Based on the undulating periodization concept of weight training, it connects all of Vince’s training, nutrition, stretching, and psychology ideas into concrete action.
  • The Complete Advanced Max-Power 29 Week Training Program: Bonus program for those who have successfully completed the first two courses. Vince uses the “Crash Set” and “Super Set” concepts to significantly ramp up muscle growth and muscle fiber use.
  • Five (5) 84-day Healthy mass meal plans based on a 2,000 calorie diet, a 6,000 calorie diet (can you say Michael Phelps?), and others in between. Choose what’s appropriate for you.
  • Exercise demonstration software, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) database, and audio files of common bodybuilding mistakes, accessible as digital downloads or through DelMonte’s website.
  • and, much, much, more… 

No self-respecting fitness specialist would risk his reputation with a shoddy product, but as always, please perform your due diligence before purchasing. Vince DelMonte offers a 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee (confidence or arrogance?) so put him to the test with an honest appraisal, OK?

And get a physical before you start working out. After all, it’s your body that we’re talking about here…

No-Nonsense Muscle Building: Final Verdict

It’s been three years since Vince DelMonte first raised eyebrows with his controversial muscle-building ideas. He promises “nuts and bolts” information in the introduction, and for the most part No-Nonsense Muscle Building delivers.

Whereas most fitness trainers turned authors only focus on training advice, DelMonte goes the distance with serious lifestyle building blocks anyone can relate to. I don’t know how badly you want to gain muscle mass, but Mr. DelMonte’s blueprint is amongst the very few that brings legitimacy to what often seems like a devious venture.

It’s a shame that people continue to search for muscle-building “magic bullets” by indulging in one “miracle” fad after another. The end result just perpetuates a health and supplement industry that doesn’t give a damn about our well-being.
Break away, dear reader, break away…

If you want to avoid more weeks at the gym with nothing to show for it:

  • Make a personal commitment to excellence.
  • Read and follow No-Nonsense Muscle Building weight training schedule without fear to achieve your muscle-building goals.
  • Track your results with self-confidence.

Nothing ventured, nothing muscle-gained…

Who is No-Nonsense Muscle Building for?

1. Straight out of Vince’s mouth: Anyone, regardless of sex, age (realistically, 16-59), and body type who is ready to throw their preconceived health and fitness notions out the window, and commit six months minimum to meaningful, life-altering change.

2. Ectomorph males (“Geeks”) who are serious about gaining muscle mass, and are prepared to follow a complete training, nutrition, stretching, and psychological regimen to achieve massive results.

3. Anyone who is ready for explosive muscle mass gains, and seeks better training habits (cardiovascular, resistance training), nutrition advice, and injury prevention ideas. Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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