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Taylor Lautner’s Abs: New Moon Workout To Sink Your Teeth Into

Taylor Lautner at just 17 years old found he had to quickly beef up his body in order to keep the role of Jacob Black in the movie hit, Twilight: New Moon. Lautner was no couch potato, which helped in his quest for the solid, tight, defined body the director was looking for in this teenage werewolf.

Building muscle mass was key to achieving the desired look, which requires taking in lots of good calories and adding pounds to the body.  It's also crucial if you really want to get Taylor Lautner abs.

To get the ripped abs and definition requires reducing body fat as well as increasing muscle. This is generally achieved by a combination of diet and exercise—weight training and cardio.

Lautner has a couple advantages which enabled him to get this body in a short 9 month period: his youth, his size, his athletic history, and his profession. “Your results might vary”...especially if you are older, extremely tall or overweight, a couch potato, and/or you have a heavy work schedule.

With that caveat said, the basic principle applies. Pack on pounds in the form of muscles and reduce the layer of fat and you, too will have results to be proud of. Maybe not a total body transformation in 9 months, but you will see results. While Taylor seems to have transformed in 9 months, his physical training had already been going on for years with intense study of martial arts.

When first beginning to weight train, it is pretty easy to put on muscle mass. But you have to do more than just also have to get adequate nutrition and rest. Neglecting these key elements will actually result in a reduction of muscle mass—which is what happened to Lautner when he started.

Building muscle is actually achieved by tearing the muscle down a little bit, then letting it heal, bigger and stronger. That’s why rest is crucial to muscle mass. Plan on a minimum of one rest day each week—no workout at all that day. Taylor reduced his workouts to 5 days a week to get his results.

As a teenager with already low body fat, Lautner didn’t have to focus so much on what he ate; still eating good, healthy, lean foods is an important factor for gaining muscle mass. And you have to eat frequently to keep your body fueled. Taylor’s routine included eating every 2 hours.

In order to work out your entire body and still give it the rest it needs, vary your workout so you are working different muscle groups on different days. On the days you work out your arms you rest your legs, etc. Set up a schedule where you work your core muscles no more than 3 times a week, alternating the days so you don’t work out any one group two days in a row.
To get Taylor Lautner abs, focus on your core on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Doing a bunch of sit-ups isn’t going to get the result you want. Instead do a variety of exercises that will work the entire core...the area from your hips to your chest.

Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays focus on your arms, chest, shoulders and legs.

You can benefit from fat burning cardio by including some running, bicycling, or swimming into your workout as well running your weight training sets back to back, with no rest.

By combining all these elements—frequently fueling your body with good nutrition, getting adequate rest, exercising your muscle groups on alternating days, you can get cut muscles that will have you howling at the New Moon!

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