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The Benefits of Resistance Training

Allison West

Resistance training is defined as an exercise that contracts the muscle against external resistance. The external resistance can be your own body weight, resistance bands, bottles of water, dumbbells, or any other object that causes resistance. It is much like weight training only you are using resistance rather than tons of weight. One of the most popular ways to practice resistance training is with resistance bands.

Resistance bands come in a variety of resistance and tension levels, and are made from hollow tubing. Bands can be used by most people to achieve a very effective workout.

There are many advantages to training with resistance bands, some of which include:

  • Their size, resistance bands are small and can easily be transported anywhere.
  • They are great for working the abs and legs.
  • They help to increase balance. Working with a resistance bands really works your stability because of all the tension in your body throughout the entire exercise.
  • There is a lot of variety. Using traditional weights limits your exercises, but resistance bands allow you to do a wider variety of moves.

Along with the above advantages, resistance bands are also less costly than most traditional equipment like weights or exercise machines. There are so many exercise options with resistance bands that it is wise to invest in both heavy and light resistance bands so you can work each one of your muscle groups. The light resistance bands are designed to work the smaller muscle groups such as the arms, while the heavier bands are designed for large muscle groups like the legs and back.

There are several ways to use your resistance bands during your exercise routine. Bicep curls and overhead press can be done by standing on the band and holding the handles. Bands can also be attached to doors for lat pull downs and tricep pushdowns.

The butt blaster, criss-corss outer thigh, and squats are all exercises that can be done using resistance bands that work the leg muscles.

The chest press is also a popular resistance band exercise. It works to strengthen the arms, chest, and back. To perform this move wrap the band around something that is your height. Stand with your back to the object and lean forward a little to create resistance. Next push your hands out straight in front of you. Slowly bring your arms back and repeat.

Depending on which muscle groups you want to work on, there is an endless variety of exercises that can be combined to create your perfect workout.

As with any fitness routine, you should stretch properly before you begin, to prevent injuries. It may seem a little challenging in the beginning, but be sure to stick to the routine. You will find that repetition makes it easier to both learn the moves and build your strength and endurance. You may find that you want to try several different resistance routines before you discover one that you really love.

Author Bio: Allison is a fitness specialist who has a desire to see people lose weight and get into the best shape of their life. She suggests trying out the P90X Workout or Insanity Workout for a great home workout.

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